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XUETAO AMP5000-C Asphalt Mixing Plant was sucessfully installed in Sichuan, China

Last year, China Railway 19th Bureau Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd. (or CRCC Third Engineering Company) won the third section of Pudu Express. After bidding, they finally selected AMP5000-C model asphalt mixing plant produced by Wuxi Xuetao Group among more than ten manufacturers from China and other countries.
CRCC Third Engineering Company is a top qualification enterprise for highway engineering construction general contracting. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRCC, a State-owned enterprise directly controlled by Central Government. Its predecessor was the forty-third regiment of the ninth division of the People's Liberation Army Railway Corps formed in 1949. In 1984, the work was merged into the Ministry of Railways, which is called the Third Engineering Office of the 19th Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Railways. Later renamed the China Railway 19th Bureau Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd., it is a team with a glorious tradition and can fight hard. It participated in the construction of many roads, railways, tunnels and bridges in the country, and established the foundation for the country's infrastructure.
We have a very good cooperation relationship for 20 years. Xuetao products have effectively guaranteed the successful completion of each project with excellent technology and good after-sales services. This is the ninth asphalt mixing plant purchased by the company from Xuetao.
This plant is installed in Chengdu, where it rains a lot. Therefor, how to ensure safe, high-quality and efficient completion of the installation, and ensure the stable operation to meet the massive construction needs has become a problem that Xuetao must solve. So Xuetao organized an experienced team and made detail installation plan. After one month of intense and orderly work, the installation and commissioning was completed on schedule. At present, the plant is well ready for production.