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Overall after-sales service
We spare no effort to produce ultimate products that meet your requirements. Meantime, we pay more attention to implement the standard of “customer satisfaction degree”. The delivery for use of a project is the beginning of our service.
We provide 24-hour hotline service. If you telephone us, we will record your report through advanced data processing system technology, and work out a feasible solution.
Seek 100% satisfaction
We lay stress on the perfection of service and quality. 100% satisfaction is our permanent pursuit. Respect the intuition of customers and their status as service judger. We are aware that, for customers, it is most charming and brilliant for us to provide perfect service for each little thing. Therefore, to provide our customers with high-quality, thoughtful service and to make a rapid reaction to all intentions of our customers, both should be considered as the source of the happiness of all employees, which is an effective guarantee to win the supports from our customers.
Service Commitment 
The maintenance period of our products is one year.
1. For any quality problems that appear within the maintenance period under the condition of normal use, the delivery party is responsible for maintenance or change free.
2. For any damages caused by abnormal operation or other abnormal conditions, the deliver provides paid service of maintenance or change. (only charge cost fee.)
◆ Upon receiving the notice (by Fax) of our customer that equipment doesn’t work well, the company reaches the spot within 24 hours for the customers within the province, and starts on the second day for the customers out of the province. (For special circumstances, the company will negotiate with our customer.)
◆ Be responsible for our product quality and customer service according to IS09001Quality Management Standard.
◆ Dispute settlement; friendly cooperation; settle engineering problem by negotiation; work together to be responsible for direct user.
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