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Focus on Asphalt Mixing Plant, good at environment protection.... 2019/06/21
Recently, one set IH▪AMP320(capacity:320t/h) in-house environmental asphalt mixing plant was finished installation and commissioning, and well passed quality and inviron...
XUETAO once again won bid for AMP5000-C Asphalt Mixing Plant... 2019/06/04
On May 28th, Xuetao was informed that the company once again won the bidding for the one set of AMP5000-C asphalt mixing plant by China Railway 19th Bureau Group Third Eng...
XUETAO AMP5000-C Asphalt Mixing Plant was sucessfully installed in Sichuan, China... 2019/05/28
Last year, China Railway 19 th Bureau Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd. (or CRCC Third Engineering Company) won the third section of Pudu Express. After bidding, they fina...
CXTCM asphalt mixing plant installed in Russia again... 2019/05/10
Once again, one set AMP2000 model asphalt mixing plant designed and produced by CXTCM (Wuxi Xuetao Group) was sold to Russia. It is installed in Khabarovsk and will start ...
CXTCM participant in Bauma 2019 in Munich... 2019/04/18
From April 8-14, the 32 nd International Construcion Machinery, Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Parts Expo (Bauma 2019) was held at Muni...