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CXTCM asphalt mixing plant installed in Russia again... 2019/05/10
Once again, one set AMP2000 model asphalt mixing plant designed and produced by CXTCM (Wuxi Xuetao Group) was sold to Russia. It is installed in Khabarovsk and will start ...
CXTCM participant in Bauma 2019 in Munich... 2019/04/18
From April 8-14, the 32 nd International Construcion Machinery, Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Parts Expo (Bauma 2019) was held at Muni...
Xuetao Modified Asphalt Equipment Successfully Operating in Shandong Jobsite... 2017/09/20
On sept. 5 th 2017, one set of automation modified asphalt equipment which was designed and manufactured by xuetao group finished commissioning successfully, now it would ...
One Set of AMP5000-C Asphalt Mixing Plant Start Producing in Baotou Jobsite... 2017/09/07
Recently one set of AMP5000-C asphalt mixing plant made by xuetao group was finished installation in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, and now the plant had started producing materi...
The leaders of Huazhuang street visited xuetao the front-line workers... 2017/08/05
In order to ensure all workers safety and health in hot summer, the leaders from Huazhuang Street government visited xuetao group front-line workers and bring summer bever...